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Saving $18,000!

Glenview Home with this 6.5 kw system will save the homeowner over $18,000 during the 20 year lease! With no money down, this homeowner is saving 15% per month compared to pre-solar electric bills!

Saving $60,000!

Round Lake Home with tax incentives and rebates, this homeowner was able to purchase this 9.9 kw system at a 64% discount! Over the next 20 years, this homeowner will save over $60,000 by going solar!

Saving $55,000!

This Rockford homeowner purchased this 8.7 kw system at a 62% discount after tax incentives and rebates with no money down, the homeowner Over 20 years, the homeowner will save over $55,000 by going solar!

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