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Energy Monitoring

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Commercial Energy Management from SuperGreen Solutions & Simptek

SuperGreen Solutions has partnered with SimpTek to provide a comprehensive energy management program for building managers across all commercial verticals. Tired of using excel to manage your energy over multiple locations and/or meters? Your solution is here!

Who is Simptek?

SimpTek is an innovative technology company that offers a new platform to help utilities prepare for a changing future by improving engagement with their customers, and helps commercial property owners and their tenants better understand and manage energy usage. Housed on-site or in the cloud, the SimpTek platform and dashboard uses big data analytics to uncover new insights on energy consumption. SimpTek takes measurement and analysis and turns it into action. SimpTek’s growing marketplace offers a range of products and services aimed at helping utilities, commercial property managers and consumers take direct action to change the way they consume electricity.


What can SimpTek do for you?

Gain visibility of all your real-estate assets on a single platform and have the insight and tools required to identify problematic facilities. Focus on the opportunities that mean the most for your organization. Collaborate more effectively on energy projects with other team members. Systematically increase the evaluation of commercial assets by targeting real-estate that has the highest opportunities to reduce operational costs. Building360 provides you the information required to make the best decisions. Building360’s Tenant View provides relevant and actionable information that helps reduce energy costs.


Take action!

Enhance data to quickly identify new energy savings opportunities and inefficiencies. Establish a baseline and understand which buildings are underperforming. Big data analytics enable you to uncover the best ways to reduce waste to improve performance. Achieve your objectives at the lowest cost and highest return on investment. Empower decision makers with focused information allowing them to implement solutions in the right place at the right time. Click the read more icon below to schedule your energy assessment.