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Air Purification – Residential

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Wellis Air

The sun's ultraviolet rays combine with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. Wellis Air's patented technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air.

Wellis Air Disinfection Purifier

No virus can survive without hydrogen. Wellis Air steals the hydrogen from viruses and combines it with OH radicals to form H2O. That's right. We take viruses and turn the output into water molecules. Wellis Air is the best disinfection system and solution for your health!


Residential Testimonial

Disinfection Units help protect you and your family from harmful viruses and bacteria. HOW? By eliminating 99.9% of VIRUSES, bacteria, harmful gases, mold and other contaminants with its Globally patented, Eco friendly and Energy efficient OH Radical technology!


Commercial Testimonial

Perfect for any business space, the Welllis Air unit covers up to 1,000 square feet! Protect your customers and employees with wall mount or plug and place options.


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